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The Windwalker is expert at evading and dealing extensive amounts of damage if left unchecked. Unfortunately, mastering the Windwalker will require a lot of micromanagement due to his low defense. He is squishier, compared to melee classes, forcing you to adopt more tactical approaches, as opposed to head-on attacks.

Only use him if you trust your in-game mechanics. Otherwise, you will quickly fall prey to Warriors, Giants, or Valkyries, and their devastating combos. In end-game PVP, everything revolves around running, dodging, and blinking your way out of danger, rather than attacking and killing. Keep that in mind!

Server: Calpheon
IGN: 야라Yará
My Fame Code: C5M8NWSO7HON
Guild: Eskrima
#blackdesertmobile #windwalker #pvp

Aggressive Type - This combo has unlimited skill rotation depend on the situation
Combo 1
1. Wind Knife
2. Ethereal Blast
3. Vorpal Daggers
4. Wind Slicer
5. Steel Tempest
6. Rapture
7. Dodge
8. Gale Harvest
9. Cyclonic Fury
10. Rapture

Combo 2 (Opening Attack)
1. Gale Harvest
2. Steel Tempest
3. Cyclonic Fury
4. Rapture

This combo is for aspiring Windwalker want to master their all around skill in any situation. I will also release another content for Defensive Type of combo for windwalker and will surely any of your opponent will hate you in arena.

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