we MET the REAL *WILLY WONKA* in *ROBLOX*?! TT SCAMMER from TIKTOK reveals SECRET! Adopt Me Roblox

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today chris and sharla of ourfire plays is playing ADOPT ME ROBLOX and in this video the real willy wonka reveals his secret chocolate factory! could we trust him? could he be a secret tt scammer from tiktok?! we are joined by two other youtubers, marmar and guava juice! can we get to the end and win willy wonka's grand prize?

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HATERS GET TOASTED FIREFAM!!! Hi, we’re Chris and Sharla, and welcome to the official Our Fire YouTube channel! After meeting on the dating app Tinder almost 3 YEARS AGO, we decided to come together and create a Youtube channel to document our experiences and film fun challenges, gaming videos, reactions, pranks, vlogs, and so much more! We are both asian (Japanese and Filipino) and create content as an international couple on TikTok. We also have bright and colorful pink and blue hair. Now we make funny content to make you smile! Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications so you never miss any fun moments!
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