Veil of Discord - Luna Moon Glaive In Action! [full game] [Dota2:Dawn of War]

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I prove that veil of discord amp many skills in Hero Mech#4:

Now it's time to apply the theory!
Thanks for watching my gameplays and pleased to meet you!

discord(under construction):
If you have any suggestion, please feel free to tell me XD

Morph ss copy table:
Tier list:
Counter Fallen Sky:

Q: How to disable hero abilities?
A: alt+right click on the skill icon. the skill icon will turn gray and the hero will not use the skill in the battle.

Q: Can Meepo duplicate Refresher Orb?
A: No, he can't

Q: How to play 4 units?
A: It is based on a normal 5-6 units strategy.
Early Game, Carry without items does less damage than magic nuker/support
Late Game, Enemies all get BKB, Magic nuker/support does less damage.
The idea is swapping.
Keep buying those 5-6 units but put your carry in the recycle bin.

I'm Yark Pae Jung-Hwa. I'm not Korean.
Full name is Yark Pae Jung Hwa Tae Kong Mai Mee Pun Ya. Kor Kon Mun Keng A Na EiEi
This channel is about Dota2 arcade: Dawn of War.
I gonna play from Bronze I to Starlord III.
Feel free to ask me any questions.
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