[V11?] Corona Race Meme - "Coughin Dance 2" | Daily New Deaths [REUPLOAD]

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The Coffin Dance corona race meme won the vote. This is a reupload because the og was deleted due to a Youtube Guidelines violation so here it is again with slight changes!

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This is an update to my second corona race meme video; this series was inspired by Kori.

The information shown in this video is the growth of daily new deaths by country (on a 7-day rolling average due to high variance). Data was taken from the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dataset.

This race meme video was made for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to make fun of corona patients but to exaggerate results of countries and governments with less than ideal responses in a bar race.

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MGIS Global Stats:

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1) Coffin Dance Anime Edition Opening Song by Friedrich Habetler & Dio Brando
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2) Astronomia (Coffin Dance Song) [EPIC METAL COVER] by Little V
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3) Astronomia / Eurobeat Remix by Turbo
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4) I, Giorno Giovanna, have a COFFIN by Magentium
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5) Tunak Tunak Tun (Eurobeat remix) by Les Munk
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Covid-19 data:
Johns Hopkins University dataset

Ghana pallbearers from Coffin Dance music video
Dancing Sans
Tunak Tunak dance
Gamecube intro

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