Tier 3 Node War Viscount Raven Point of View | Black Desert Mobile

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#BlackDesertMobile #Nodewar #Raven
Hi guys, this is Nassem here.

This was a Tier 3 Node war against 2 guilds.
I am a Viscount Raven, and I hope I can show you what Ravens can do!

Support me ????
Discord: Nassem #0085

Important Events:
0:07 Buff Tower
0:22 Enter Purple's Base
0:48 Retreat to Defend Our Base
1:17 Rush Back to Purple's Base
2:29 Destroy Purple's Holy Artifact
2:37 Defend Base from Green's Attack
2:58 Rush to Green's Base
5:59 First Death
10:25 Destroy Green's Holy Artifact
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