This Race is getting Out Of Control! | BTD6 Race Out of Control in 1:41.63 (First Place min Time)

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Added description what I did for the early game and used the pauses for that. Cut out the pauses for the rest of the run. I don't know if it's any good, but I hope it looks decent.

This is Bad V3, I wonder if everyone with the min time will get the 1st place badge. Anyway I tried making the early game as consistent as possible, put the Dartlings as close to the track as you can and aim them in the middle so they shoot almost parallel to the track. This is still a lot of micro, but hopefully the RNG isn't too bad. When you get past like 40sec, you basically already won. Permaspike can cleanup, but sometimes gets .63 and sometimes .65, I don't know if it's RNG or not. Buffing the Pspike with Homeland, Jungle Drums and Stronger Stim helps getting a good spike pile at the front to get the spikes as far up as possible (on smart targeting)

Music: Neoni - BLOODSTREAM (Ft. Jung Youth)
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