The Race to 500 km/h and The Nürburgring Comeback | ft. Christian von Koenigsegg

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Good Morning, Carmrades!
In today's video I am joined by Christian von Koenigsegg where we talk about Top Speed- and Nürburgring Records, Racing, Technology and all things Koenigsegg. The Future is clearly illuminated by the Spirit of Performance.

00:00 Good Morning, Carmrades!
00:38 Geneva Motor Show
02:28 How was the year?
03:35 What makes a record "a record"?
07:50 The importance of homologation
13:00 Do records sell cars?
16:03 The race to 500 km/h
18:21 Koenigsegg and The Nürburgring
21:00 Koenigsegg and Racing
23:26 Customer Racing
24:46 Freevalve in Racing
27:52 Koenigsegg SUV?
29:50 Koenigsegg Customers
32:07 Time to Reign
33:30 Outro

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