Specter's Energy (Blackstar) - How to Make Money in Black Desert online

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This video is me trying to explain how to make money from Specter's Energy. TLDR: Get it and sell it, if You want 30mil. Or go do the questline for blackstar armor, helm, gloves or awakening weapon.

How to cash Your specter's energy - Buy / have Remnants of the Rift, right click go to npc, do the questline. Have 3 boss weapons or armors, melt them for Concentrated Boss's Aura. If the prices good on Your server for the blackstar armor or weapon You crafted sell it or if You do decide to Enhance Your blackstar then this video will answer what stacks to use from 0 to TRI. Enjoy and hope it goes better then me!

Failstacks chart that I personally use:

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0:00 Information
1:05 What do You need? How much?
2:19 Mass of Pure Magic How? Where? Why?
3:53 Blackstar enhancing Guide
5:36 From 13 to 15 recommendation
7:34 How much Money I made?
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