Shadow Hunter: Lost World - All Bosses [EARLY ACCESS]

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Boss Fight Walkthrough for Shadow Hunter: Lost World. Early Access. It is an action-packed dark fantasy hack and slash game with an incredible combat system and awesome boss fights, assisted by a one of a kind character control mechanism and a perfect mix of RPG elements to make your adventure super immersive. The game is available on Mobile, IOS and Google play [ANDROID]. [The game is FREE to play]

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00:00 Thrak - Giant Ripper
00:57 Uvius - Ethereal Necro
02:00 Memphis - Hollow Death
02:59 Kired - Night Hunter
04:02 Urukan - Raging Apemon
05:22 Yodrik - Doom Bringer [FINAL BOSS]
07:04 Dark Mecron
09:23 Dark Khanz
12:17 Stats & Gear
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