Sea to Sky 2020 | Hard Enduro | Mountain Race | GoPro Footage

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World’s most enjoyable Hard Enduro Race Sea to Sky was held for the 11th time this year and welcomed most of the top riders including Graham Jarvis, Billy Bolt, Mario Roman and wade Young. Since most of the championships and major races like Erzberg Rodeo, Extreme Lagares and Hixpania cancelled, Sea to Sky 2020 Hard Enduro was the first big event of the year 2020 after the pandemic outbreak.

Race week started on 23rd of September and after 3 days racing it was the time for the big run, the Mountain Race. World’s finest hard enduro riders managed to reserve their position at the mass start and the race started at 10:00 AM. We have edited the GoPro footages of Graham Jarvis(P1), Jonathan Richardson(P8) and Bayram Uysal(P8) and prepared a Mountain race show for you to watch.

Ps: Unfortunately riders's GoPro cameras ran out of battery fot the last bit but another talented rider, Jamie Williams, managed to film that part and we will be sharing it soon, stay tuned.

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