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*Update notice*

Is this a joke by April Fool's Day? Finally, Syu's RPG has created the first ultimate fusion element in the MMORPG world!

What is the ultimate secret of magical power?
In fact, the energy at which the two extremes of light and darkness confront each other is not the ultimate power.
The true magical power is the central power of harmony that connects them, neither light nor darkness.
That is the essence of "skill fusion" that creates the ultimate power in this world.
Only selected people can exert their power.

■ Soldier skills
Battle combo: After a certain number of attacks, the finishing attack multiplier increases.
Power strike: Jump attack forward—knockback monsters on a straight line to deal with area damage. There is a flame on the straight line.
Overlord - Increases the maximum HP and defense of party members for a certain period.
Royal Knight - Perform a long-range attack with a spear on a royal horse. The royal horse knockback the surrounding monsters with a charge jump and causes rockfall.

■ Mage skill
Heal: Set up a healing doll, restore the health of party members within that range a certain number of times, and inflict magical damage on monsters within that range.
Enchantment: The attack power of party members increases for a certain period.
Dragon Breath: Switch to dragon breath mode. The primary attack is Dragon Breath, and a charge activates Mega Strike (Dragon Support Air Strike).
Salamander: Summon a salamander for a certain period. Fly around the sky and drop Hydra eggs at regular intervals.

■ Assassin skills
Dummy trap: When attacked, there is a certain chance that the dummy will absorb the damage. The figure becomes a trap that attacks the surroundings for a certain period.
Shadow: Generates a shadow alter ego for a certain period and increases the number of attacks.
Haste - Increases the attack speed and movement speed of party members for a certain period.
◆ Illusion: Summon a phantom beast for a certain period to make a special attack.

■ Gang skills
Blind firing: Bullets and bombs will be strengthened for a certain period, increasing the attack speed. (Reloads when a certain number of bullets are consumed)
Gambler - Increases the critical rate and double-critical rate of party members for a certain period.
Assault: Party members within the skill range can attack with firearms for a certain period. Monsters cannot enter the skill range. The barrier absorbs a certain amount of damage and disappears when it loses its durability.
◆ Scramble Board the weapon set in the gang skill item for a certain period and attack.

■ Necromancer skill detail will be released based on the stage.

■ Ultimate Fusion
★The ultimate fusion skills between the two players are linked.
★Board three types of salamanders that control fire, freezing, and thunder among three players.
★By combining the ultimate magical powers (fusion) among the four players, the evil force is as close as possible to God's power.

Minecraft Java Edition (NO MOD REQUIRED)

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