MAKE A STORY DRIVEN 2D RPG GAME WITH US IN 2020! | #180: Story Suggestathon!???? | RPG Maker MV

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Do you like story driven RPG games with choices and consequences? My name is RoseRainblood and I make a story driven 2D RPG game called Raindrop Chronicles on RPG Maker MV with my Twitch community. We'd love you to join us, hang out with us, and help shape the story, plot, characters, dialogue, scenes, and more!

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Raindrop Chronicles is an episodic 2D RPG fantasy game that will be released on PC. If you are passionate about story driven games, story driven RPG games, story driven indie games, RPG Maker MV games, RPG games with choices, or have an appreciation for nostalgic story driven 2D games of the past, Raindrop Chronicles will be right down your alley!

Videos will be regularly uploaded to YouTube, including every stream of the RPG development process, the story so far, sneak peeks, and lore discussions, so don't forget to like and subscribe!

In game dev stream #180, we will be doing Story Suggestathon: Part 1 for Episode 1!

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