MAKE A 2D RPG WITH US IN 2020! | Creating Skills???? | Game Dev Stream #145

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Do you like 2D RPG games? My name is RoseRainblood and I make a 2D RPG game for PC on RPG Maker MV with my Twitch community. Would you like to be part of it?
????Visit our website — ????

In this stream, we will be creating skills!

Come hang out with us in future streams over on and help us shape the story, plot, characters, dialogue, scenes, and more!

Videos will be regularly uploaded to YouTube, including every stream of the game development process, the story so far, sneak peeks, and lore discussions, so don't forget to like and subscribe!

Some assets in this project are original, but the majority of assets used (art, sound, music, etc) are NOT my own. They are created by others from the RPG Maker community and other resources online. To do everything on my own would be putting too much pressure on myself and I want to continue to enjoy working on this project long-term.

Background Music: Music from the Final Fantasy series
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