IT'S DONE! - NINESHARK CHANDELIER!!! | Daily Dose of Black Desert online

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Took me almost 30 hours to complete, but I think it was worth it! Nineshark chandelier is a semi new item in Black Desert online, which You can craft in Port Epheria or in Calpheon.

Welcome to Daily Dose of BDO! This time I spent a long time grinding for Chandelier that does nothing, but look amazing in my house (and future mansion). Takes 100 Blue Spirit Essence that You get from any sea creature in the Seas. Best spot - Duo Party spot - Crocs, near Port Ratt! On average You should get 2-4 every hours, I was unlucky majority of the time, but when I did DUO and not lekrashans and tests with other spots, I got 2 on average. I say 30 hours, but in reality it took way more. Enjoy!

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