How SSSniperwolf is Beating The YouTube Algorithm (Her Genius Strategy)

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SSSniperwolf has become one of the most viewed channels on youtube. How did she do it and how much money does she make?

Well in this video we'll get to the bottom of SSSniperwolf's rise on YouTube. How is she getting this many views with her reaction content?

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Video Notes

Lia Shelesh, or as might know her, sniperwolf has gone from a call of duty gamer girl, to the biggest reaction channel on YouTube. And listen to this, right now she’s getting more monthly views than Mr Beast’s main channel. Now of course she uploads more videos….but it still poses an interesting question, what is SSSniperwolf doing that is different to other youtubers?

Later in this video we’re going to breakdown a sssniperwolf video and I’ll show you some of the secret tactics she uses in her editing, but first, we need to understand something that completely revolutionized her channel. She began to make evergreen videos.

So this change in strategy made a huge difference to SSSniperwolf’s growth, BUT the true genius is actually in her editing. Which takes us on to factor number 2, Lia traps the viewer in her content. The best youtubers in the world make it impossible for viewers to click off their videos.

Another thing that gives her the edge is a little more controversial, but equally as important. SSSniperwolf has become a clickbait master. And stick around because there’s something she does that every youtuber can learn from . In many ways thumbnail are just as important as the actual content. Taking at some of Lia’s most popular videos, a few patterns begin to emerge.

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video!

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