Hezzop: The Poor Man's RPG Card Game

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A video tutorial of the card game Hezzop. It's a simple RPG style game that's played with regular playing cards and dice.

For more advanced play, watch the video for Hezzop Pro Rules:


There are two things I forgot to include in this tutorial.

1) When you run out of number and/or face cards to draw, just reshuffle the discard piles into new decks.

2) You can only have 7 cards in your hand by the end of each turn. If the number of cards in your hand exceeds that limit, you must discard the extras.

Feel free to ask any other question that come up while you're playing. I'll try to get back to you.



1. Separate number cards from face cards (J,Q,K,A) into two decks.

2. Deal 7 numbered cards and 4 face cards to each player.

3. Lay face cards face up in front of you. These are your characters.


1. Draw a card to start your turn.

2. You have two moves per turn. These can be used one of four ways: to challenge, draw again, random battle, or assign number cards to face cards.

3. You may only have seven cards in your hand, not including the face cards or any number cards assigned to them. If you exceed the maximum number of cards allowed in your hand, you must discard those extra cards before the end of your turn.


Assigning Number Cards:

During your turn, you may use one or both of your moves to assign number cards to one of your face cards. Numbers can only be applied to face cards of the same suit. Each face card has a maximum number of number cards that can be assigned to them.

Their associative values are:
Ace = 5 cards
King = 4 cards
Queen = 3 cards
Jack = 2 cards

These numbers indicate possible values that can rolled on the dice during a challenge or random battle. For instance, if the two cards attached to a Jack are a 2 and a 6, one must roll either a 2 or a 6 to successfully attack.


At any point in time during your turn, so long as you have a move left, you may choose to "challenge" your opponent. Your opponent then has a choice to either "accept" the challenge, or be "coerced" into fighting.

Accepted Challenge: If your opponent accepts the challenge, they get the first roll.

Coerce Challenge: If your opponent chooses to be coerced, you must select your character of attack and roll one of the numbers attached to them in order to force your opponent into battle. If you succeed, you get to attack first.

During a challenge, the two players select their character of attack and take turns rolling the dice to land on their selected character's numbers. The first to have a successful roll is the victor. The loser must discard the face card they used for battle and any numbers attached to them.

Random Battle:

Similar to a "challenge", at any point in time during your turn you may decide to activate a random battle. This causes the top card of the face card deck to be overturned, thus creating a new opponent.

The maximum number of number cards that the overturned card is permitted to retain are attached to it via drawn cards from the number deck. The overturned face card gets the first roll of attack (which is handled by the opponent). The player has to take turns like the challenge, and roll a number to defeat the face card.

If the player wins, they have the option to switch that face card out with one of their own.

If they lose, they must discard all the number cards attached to the character they used in battle.

Last Resort Random Battle:

In the event that a player has only one face card left, they can initiate a random battle in which if they win, can add the defeated card to their party. No switching necessary.
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