Have You Found CJ's 'Dad' in GTA Online? (Easter Egg)

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GTA Online Secrets & GTA 5 Facts
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Rockstar Games is no stranger to Easter Eggs and Secrets in their games. Being that GTA 5 is seven years old however means that pretty much every major and most minor GTA 5 secrets have been But with the recent addition of Cayo Perico to GTA Online, Rockstar Games has gone above and beyond to ensure that Easter Egg hunters have amazing secrets to discover.

From a GTA Vice City character in GTA Online, to the FATHER OF CJ from San Andreas, and even the backstory of El Rubio. Today we uncover some of the COOLEST secrets in GTA 5!

0:00 (Intro)
0:42 (Vice City Easter Egg)
2:40 (Vice City Characters in GTA 5)
3:34 (CJ's Father)
5:33 (Who is El Rubio)
7:05 (Underwater Asteroid)
7:42 (GTA 6 tease?)

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