Guide to Nifty Gateway Investing (April 2021) | NFT Investment Strategy

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How to invest in NFTs 101!! This video shows my current strategy for NFT investing on Nifty Gateway.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Step 1 - skip primaries
2:40 Step 2 - global the bottom
3:46 Step 3 - rinse & repeat
4:16 Step 4 - wait for news & appreciation
5:35 Step 5 - sell into the news
6:13 Examples
9:13 Outro

1. Don't buy anything on primary
2. Wait until secondary prices hit rock bottom and global the lowest possible price you can get
3. Rinse and repeat for every single collection. you now own a ton of really cheap pieces, basically rock bottom floor
4. Wait for news from each artist (auction, new collections, collabs, announcement of mechanics)
5. Sell into the news, never FOMO buy

Buying open editions and entering drawings are risky in April 2021. It's not always profitable! In fact, it's most likely not that profitable! This video explains my thought process and exact step by step method I go through to make some average gains in the NG marketplace.

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