Game RPG Fantasy & Imut - Heaven Saga Gameplay Android

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Game RPG Fantasy & Imut - Heaven Saga Gameplay Android

Havana is a peaceful land that protected by the "Tree of Destiny" for a long time.
The tree prophesied the chosen one as the Havana Guardian.
However, Nemesis, who has been designated as the abandoned one decides to destroy Havana against his fate judging by the chosen one, Juan communed with the masters who are defending Havana to fight Nemesis (Evil God).

★ Login to play "Heaven Saga" easily with Mobiku Account, Google, Facebook.
- Get a 3-star SR hero for free, just login for 28 days.

★ Upgrade heroes to be strong and form a team fight through the Tower
- Rune equipped to add a variety of abilities. Climb the Tower to get the toughest Rune in the abandoned warehouse.
- Star: upgrade hero stars using hero souls. The soul of the hero is imprisoned in master prison of the senior council.
- Red Star : Awakening the hero stars using the material from Trial Dungeon.
- Gold : Hunt the lost treasure of the legendary thief (Dungeon Goblin)

★ Real Time PVP battles
- PVP arena, climb the ranks to become the strongest in heaven saga.
- Real Time PVP, exciting battles that can show complete playing technique with self-control

- Join a guild to get lots of buffs from guild buffs.
to the guild to increase the guild level and get guild crystals, guild crystals can be exchanged at the guild store for runes, summon tickets, etc.

Emulator : Mi Note 4
Bahasa : Inggris
Size : 1,62 GB
Type : Online
Rilis : 5 November 2020
Download Link :

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