Funky little RPG battle system prototype (Pixel Game Maker MV)

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I thought it was kinda neat. It's a mix of real-time and old-school Final Fantasy battle systems

Here's briefly how it works:

Up top is a charge timer. Once it's full, you can do whatever you want with whichever party member. You can switch between them freely by pressing a button. Once the timer has gone down, the party members freeze wherever they are and you can no longer move them.

The purple gauge is MP. If the MP runs out, your party member will become exhausted and freeze even if you still have time in the timer.

You can restore MP by skipping your turn and emptying the timer before it reaches the 1 to 2-second mark (after that you can't skip the turn anymore).

It's very barebones and I intend to add items and more skills with which to attack, cast spells and status effects, or heal party members as time goes on. The enemies will get more advanced than this one-attack blue man as well.
I tried to build a more traditional active turn battle system but I don't think PGMMV is that good with RNG and whatnot.
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