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15 attempts at Dream Horse T9 in this video. I bought Haladie, hashashin sub weapon and enhanced to TET from +8. Also enhanced tungrad ring, layten neck and more! Enjoy!

Welcome to Daily Dose of Black Desert online. This video might be a little all over the place, but I will give You some background: First we begin with a fantastic intro with Children by Robert Miles cover from Jakogan. Then 3 attempts at a T9. Moving to a some updates from Wednesday - New Crystal and free costumes in the Main Quest line section. ALSO in the P2W new - Standart package and Deluxe package is amazing, compared to what we had the past months in the pearl shop. So I bought both. Also I bought first Deluxe version and then the Standart one. Then I enhanced Tungrad ring, Layten neck, Centaurus belt, Orkinrad belt and also bought the new class - Hashashins sub weapon - Haladie at 8 and made it to TET! Also Finished of the video with an extra 12 attempts at trying to make new dream horse!

On Major News! New channel logo! Very proud on how it turned out so coming MERCH! Like first time ever in my Enjoy!

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