Dragon Merge Master: Train & Grow Dragon Idle RPG New Game ep 0 Gameplay

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????Want new fun dragon games? Play epic merge dragons idle rpg & grow baby dragon

Are you ready to become the best dragon master?
Do you want to grow merge a dragon team that will rule the world?
Meet Dragon Merge Master, which is a new offline idle rpg dragon game where you can merge, evolve and battle dragons. Train your battle dragons and get ready for battle! Add baby dragons too and become the very best in this new dragon game.
Can you create an almighty team of supreme dragons that will conquer the world?
Start your quest NOW!

◉ Merge and evolve battle dragons in this idle merge dragon game
As an admirer of these fire-spilling almighty creatures, we know that you want to grow merge dragons that will rule the world with your guidance. Discover astounding dragons and enjoy one of the largest idle dragon selection ever.

◉ Defeat opponent’s dragon to unlock new dragons
The satisfaction of being a true dragon master is at the highest level only when you see your baby dragons and battle dragons in real fighting scenarios. Enjoy epic merge dragon fights and enlarge your team of dragons by destroying your enemies.

◉ Train your dragons, level up to learn new moves, and battle in the arena
In this idle & merge dragons quest, the key is to upgrade and grow dragons to become unbeatable. For that reason, you need to continuously train them with new moves and skills so they can become dominant in the merge rpg battles with other dragons!

◉ Create your battle dragon team to defeat your opponents
As a true dragon master you need to have an almighty dragon team for the team fights. Learn all your dragon skills, and make a team that will be dominant and feared from your enemies.

◉ Progress through the battle arena and become the dragon master!
Compete in the rpg dragon battle arenas frequently and progress through even the most demanding magic merge dragon battles. That is the only way to prove that you are the king dragon master and make your own dragon legends!
Now it’s the time to enjoy one of the most fun new rpg dragon games of 2021.
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