Drag Race Holland Cast Announcement Review ???????? | Hot or Rot?

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Drag Race Holland Cast Reveal Review and Reaction ???????? | Hot or Rot?

Today I'm reviewing the PROMO ANNOUNCEMENT LOOKS from Drag Race Holland! Holland's Drag Race is the latest spin off of Rupaul's Drag Race from the NETHERLANDS! Ten dutch queens are competing on the videoland and wowpresents networks for the title of Holland's Next Drag Super Star, and I'm here to give you MY REVIEW and REACTION to the Royal Family Orange Netherlands Holland Promo Looks!

Does drag race Holland represent the future of drag? There's a lot of androgynous drag queens, alien drag queens, and makeup styles that are quite foreign to American viewers!

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00:00 - Drag Race Holland Cast Announcement Intro
0:40 - Drag Race Holland Full Cast
0:47 - Miss Abby OMG Promo Look
2:32 - Roem Service Promo Look
5:03 - Chelsea Boy Promo Look
6:32 - Janey Jacke Promo Look
8:13 - Ma'Ma Queen Promo Look
9:22 - Madame Madness Promo Look
10:52 - Envy Peru Promo Look
12:25 - Sederginne Promo Look
14:02 - Patty Pam-Pam Promo Look
15:17 - Megan Schoonbrood Promo Look

Hot or Rot?
Hot or Rot is a Drag Race review show hosted by bussy queen. My show is kinda like "toot or boot fashion photo ruview" for Drag Race Holland except I go into more details about the show, react to how the queens perform in the challenge, and provide an alternative opinion! Oh - and I'm your host - BUSSY QUEEN!

This is a Drag Race Holland Runway Review hosted by Bussy the best Drag Race Review on youtube! This series focuses on the drag race holland spinoff, and I review ALL of the runways! Today we review and react to the drag race holland cast ruveal, including every promo look from the netherlands royal family inspired theme!
Drag Race Holland will premiere on September 18 on VIDEOLAND and WOWPRESENTS. The season 1 cast includes Miss Abby OMG, Roem Service, Chelsea Boy, Janey Jacke, Mama Queen, Madame Madness, Envy Peru, Sederginne, Patty Pam-Pam, and Megan Schoonbrood.
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