#DA2​ Mini Militia v4.2.8 Rocket Launcher(RPG) Rain Mod || by Gamer Madhan

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Hi Guys,

As you know this video is about rpg rain mod, Many of subscribers wants this mod so I made for them and guys I also like this I always delete my mods after making video but I like this type of I have currently 3 mini militia installed in my phone
-Mini Militia Original
-Mini Militia Sniper Lobby
-Mini Militia Rocket launcher(RPG) Rain

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Mini Militia Rocket Launcher Rain Mod link :-

Mod features:-
Pro Pack Unlocked 
Rocket Launcher Rain
No Ads No update show
Instant weapon spawn
Background Play
12 Players Cutom Lobby
Increase and Decrease Game time
1020 Lan wifi player

Thanks for Watching!

Gamer Aadil

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