Children of Rath, The D&D Meets MTG RPG Show Ep 31: The Ironclaw March

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Welcome to the Children of Rath, a D&D game set in the Magic the Gathering plane of Dominaria. Join our group of descendants of the demi plane of Rath as they journey across Dominaria and learn of a twisted legacy of their own peoples past. In this session, the team finishes up their time at Llanowar. They head north into the Ironclaw mountains, hoping to stop by Wyntris' home. The come upon a set of ruins, with signs that the place had been attacked more recently, resulting the the destruction. What will they find in this location? Who did this to the place, and are the close? Join us and find out!

Lee/Maxwell, Skeleton Bard

Lindsy/Wyntris Lor, Kor Ranger

Fish/Kazzrann, Goblin Artificer

Mads/Carrion, Teifling Barbarian

Joe/ Claud, Changeling Rogue


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