Canada's Drag Race Episode 3 (HAIR RUNWAY) Review ???? | Hot or Rot?

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Today I'm reviewing the third episode of Canada's Drag Race - the latest Canadian spin off of Rupaul's Drag Race! Twelve Canadian queens are competing on the WOWPRESENTS and Crave Network for the title of Canada's Next Drag Super Star, and I'm here to give you MY REVIEW and REACTION to the QUEBECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR RUNWAY!


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00:00 - Intro to Hot or Rot
0:24 - Kiara's Hair Runway
2:12 - Jimbo's Hair Runway
4:19 - Tynomi Banks' Hair Runway
5:27 - BOA Hair Runway
7:20 - Lemon's Hair Runway
8:16 - Priyanka's Hair Runway
9:22 - Anastarzia Anaquway Hair Runway
10:37 - Rita Baga's Hair Runway
11:57 - Scarlet BoBo's Hair RUnway
13:13 - Ilona Verley Hair Runway
15:09 - Winner of Episode 3 of Canada's Drag Race
15:24 - Hottest Hot of Hair Runway

Hot or Rot?
Hot or Rot is a Drag Race review show. My show is kinda like "toot or boot fashion photo ruview" for Canada's Drag Race except I go into more details about the show, react to how the queens perform in the challenge, and provide an alternative opinion! Oh - and I'm your host - BUSSY QUEEN!

The Canadian Drag Race is on! The runway theme for episode 3 of canada's drag race was "Quebecky With the Good Hair" - a very hairy runway.

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Canada's Drag Race premiered on July 2 on CRAVE and WOWPRESENTS. The season 1 cast includes Anastarzia Anaquway, BOA, Ilona Verley, Jimbo, Juice Boxx, Kiara, Kyne, Lemon, Priyanka, Rita Baga, Scarlett BoBo, and Tynomi Banks. The first season will be judged by Brooklyn Heights, Stacey McKenzie, and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.
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