Blade of Arena a NEW Open World RPG PvP Game | Blade of Arena Gameplay First Impressions

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Blade of Arena a NEW Open World RPG PvP Game in todays video.
Blade of Arena is an open-world survival game

Currently, At the early access version, we have a few game modes for players.

1. 1v1 duel

2. 8 players brawl

3. Dungeon Design

Duel game mode
Have a fair competition with other players

Brawl game mode
The equipment will be randomly assigned to the treasure chest on an island.

At Dungeon maker, you can design your own dungeon and place monsters,

Also, you can download another player dungeon for you to explore.

Challenge the ranking of dungeons and get some rewardsarcheAge Legacy

ArcheAge: Unchained

Twin Saga

Eden Eternal

Aura Kingdom



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