Black Desert Online (BDO) Review after 70+ hours of playing! | Is it worth playing in 2021?

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Black Desert Online, or BDO for short, is an MMORPG that has been on my mind for a while. So, me and two friends decided to give the game a shot! We've sunk more than 70 hours in the game and I decided to share my thoughts in a review! In this video I will discuss my first impressions, the awesome combat, the beautiful graphics and some beginner tips.

What questions and topics will be discussed in the video:

• Is Black Desert Online (BDO) worth playing in 2021 (my opinion?
• What is the Endgame of Black Desert online?
• How is the Character Creation in Black Desert Online?
• How do Energy & Conversations work in BDO?

Want to skip to a specific segment of the video? Use these Timestamps!

0:00 - How I got into Black Desert Online
0:25 - First Impressions and Character Creation
2:50 - The Story of Black Desert Online
4:55 - The Combat & Leveling
7:50 - The Movement in the World
9:25 - The Graphics & Environment
11:25 - Life Skills (Gathering, Fishing, Hunting etc.)
12:05 - Energy, Knowledge and Conversations in BDO
13:50 - Is Black Desert Alt Friendly?
15:10 - Alt Character Tagging
16:45 - The Endgame of Black Desert Online
19:25 - My Conclusion and should you play Black Desert?

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Black Desert Online Review 2021, is it worth playing?
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