Adopt Me Dance Moms #3: Secret Audition Day... (Roblox Story)

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The Adopt Me Dance Moms! A roblox series about the world famous Dance Moms coming to Adopt Me! This is episode 3 of that series #robloxdancemoms #adoptmeplayers #adoptme

Hi guys! I am Pretzel Etzel and if you wan't to join the Pretzel Family, hit that subscribe button! On my channel I do tons of Roblox roleplays, gaming tips, building tricks and update videos. The main games that I play are Unicorne City, Bloxburg, Adopt Me, Meep City and Royale High!

If you are new to the gaming world of Roblox, I can tell you a little about my favorite games Adopt Me, Unicorne City, Bloxburg, Meep City and Royale High…

Adopt Me- A game where you adopt pets and can raise your own family!
Unicorne CIty- A game (mine) where you can live life as a Unicorn.
Bloxburg- A life and building simulation game where you can make your own builds and work at a pizza place for money.
Meep City- A game where you can raise and pet Meep while decorating your own house estate.
Royale High- A princess simulator game that lets you collect diamonds and win halos!
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