Action Pachio (SFC) OST - Game Over - Remastered Soundtrack

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Album: Action Pachio
Title: Game Over
Credited Artist: Seline
Copyright: 1993 Coconuts Japan
Our process:
- Use newest game music rips in the newest format (for example, the newest NSFe, not an old NSF)
- Use highest-quality interpolation and generate 24-bit/96k WAV files
- Absolutely no FX (such as fake stereo, reverb, or echo)
- Remaster the WAV files. Apply pro-level VSTs where appropriate, such as XBass 4000, BBE Sonic Maximizer, BBE Harmonic Maximizer, and mastering-quality limiters.
- Always include the best-available metadata, high-quality artwork and screens, and playlists -- and ALWAYS credit the original composer if we have those details!
- Produce a video that is 1080p and has uncompressed PCM audio - to ensure maximum encoding quality on YouTube and ensure that the audio is only ever lossily encoded once!
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