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At the beginning, I was surprised by the variety of actions of the dead cell characters. How many sets of animations are drawn here!
Later, I learned that dead cells used a technique of converting a 3D model to a 2D sequence of frames.
At that time, I wanted to develop a similar set of software, because the engine first started with this idea soon.
Later~ I found , a 3D model-driven library.
So let's try to realize the logic realization of this 3D to 2D conversion. After all, the game graphics engine also uses PIXIJS!

Logic: After the WEBGL technology displays the 3D model adjustment, it directly buffers the 8-direction animation of the model in the canvas as a sequence frame. After that, the sequence of frame images are pixelated.

If you are interested in the specific implementation logic, I will post a development log to introduce it in detail later.

At present, only the overall prototype implementation has been implemented, which means that a set of rendering processing settings pages after 3D export images are missing (many settings)
It is envisaged that various values ​​can be adjusted to be compatible with various sizes and complex models.

At present, only models designed according to requirements can be directly exported.
The video is only for display of current functions.
This set of functions will be released separately from the engine in the future for those who need it~

3D to pixel frame animation
3D to 2D sequence frame
The model is directly converted into the sequence frame resource image for the game in the editor, and the action animation frame can be edited.
During the modification process, there is no need to restart the game or third-party software support. As long as there is a model, it can be exported to the game for direct use!
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